To ensure our organization maintains high standards for online learning, we rigorously adhere to the standards
and approved practices set forth by both the
North American Council for Online Learning, and the
National Staff Development Council.

All participants are required to:

    Complete all required assignments on time.  No late assignments will be accepted.

    Log into the classroom discussion board 5 times per week, and make well thought out, pertinent posts,
    that facilitate a greater degree of learning/understanding of all participants.

    Refrain from making the required posts on the last days of the week.
    This leads to any useful information from the posts being too late to be of use to the week-long

    Successfully complete online quizzes.

Attendance (Online Courses):
    Each participant is required to keep a detailed, hard copy log of all time spent working on course
    requirements.  To receive credit for a course, total log time must be at least 45 hours.  Signed time logs
    must be submitted at the end of each course.

Attendance (On-site Courses):
    Each participant is expected to be present for all 45 hours of instruction, but we do understand that
    emergencies sometimes arise.  In case of an emergency, each participant is allowed to miss up to 3
    hours of instructional time.  These 3 hours include late arrivals to the start of class, and early departures.  
    Any participant missing more than 3 hours of instruction will be dropped from the course, with no refund.  
    Make-up hours will not be provided.
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